Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy

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Welcome to the PLEP Community Website. Here current students can find helpful information about their studies, life at the UniBern, and events organized by the PLEP program. Students should check the news page regularly for information pertaining to deadlines, events, etc. For official information about the program, students should refer to the PLEP Factsheet.

"Hinterfragt" - The ethics podcast

Most Recent Episode | December 2016

Friederike Schmitz: Animal Ethics and Animal Politics

Should we refrain from eating animals? How can the relationship between humankind and animal be made more equitable? A talk with Friederike Schmitz, Postfoc at the research center for Political Theory and Philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin

Upcoming Compact Course AS2016


Prof. Debra Satz (Stanford University)

"Markets and Ethics"

11 - 15 September 2017

The course on KSL.