Recurring Events

PLEP Talks

PLEP Talks is a lecture series where scholars are invited to discuss their current work in progress with with the PLEP students, our department, and everyone interested.

PLEP Podium

The PLEP Podium is a series of podium discussions which aim to bring together the philosophical and the public debate on issues that are politically topical and relevant to the PLEP program.

Most recent Podium

Swiss Corporations, Global Responsibility?

October 10th, 2017

Compact Courses

Compact Courses take place the week before the start of each semester. Professors from around the world are invited to teach a topic in political, legal or economic philosophy for an intensive course of one week full day courses. PLEP Students are required to participate in at least one of these courses for their Master's studies.


Prof. Debra Satz (Stanford University): "Markets and Ethics"

11-14 Sept. 2017