PLEP Compact Course

Markets and Ethics

Monday, 2017/09/11 - Thursday, 2017/09/14

Debra Satz
Debra Satz
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Markets raise moral questions. Some of these questions have to do with the limits of markets: What, if anything, is wrong with markets in everything? Are there some things that should not be bought and sold? More generally, what is it about the nature of particular exchanges that concerns us, to the point that some types of markets appear clearly problematic? How should our social policies respond to these noxious markets? Other questions include fairness: are people entitled to the market returns from their labor? What is the relationship between markets and inequality—will the market always undermine equality ? This course examines some of the competing answers to these questions.

Event organizer: Institute of Philosophy
Speaker: Prof. Debra Satz, Stanford University
Date: 2017/09/11 - 2017/09/14
Time: 09:00 - 14:45
Locality: 002
Fabrikstrasse 8
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge

For more information about the topic, you may be interested in Satz' book: "Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale.The Moral Limits of Markets"

For more information on Prof. Satz, see here.