Recurring Events

Each semester the Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy Master's program organizes many special events inviting guest speakers from all over the world.

PLEP Talks is a lecture series where scholars are invited to discuss their current work in progress with PLEP students, our department, and everyone interested.

Most recent Plep Talk

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gosepath - The Role of Solidarity

Today there is much talk of solidarity. This is typical in times of crisis. Solidarity is a dazzling counter-concept to the threat of social division in crises. But while solidarity is invoked more and more often, these increasingly impoverished appeals are in danger of coming to nothing. Is the talk of solidarity just a trend, a fashion of terminology to attract more attention? It is often unclear or disputed what exactly solidarity means, what it requires, and who owes whom solidarity in a crisis. Gosepath addresses these questions, providing a common definition of the concept of solidarity and determining its normative role by looking at its conceptual characteristics and the foundational relation it has to neighboring concepts such as justice.




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The PLEP Podium is a series of podium discussions which aim to bring together the philosophical and the public debate on issues that are politically topical and relevant to the PLEP program.

Most Recent Podium

Organ Donation - Objection or Consent?

May 29th, 2019


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Compact Courses take place the week before the start of each semester. Professors from around the world are invited to teach a topic in political, legal, or economic philosophy for an intensive course of one week full day classes. PLEP Students are required to participate in at least one of these courses for their Master's studies.

Most recent Compact Course

PD Dr. Guido Löhrer - Lying and Misleading

13 - 17 February 2023


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Summer schools take place abroad or in other parts of Switzerland, in cooperation with the Master's programs EELP (Graz) and PELP (Bochum). Students are given the opportunity to earn credits studying a subject intensively while engaging with students and professors from universities abroad! Participation is typically limited so keep on the lookout for registration periods. 

Upcoming Summer School

Urgent Normative Challenges to a Sustainable Future

31. May – 04. June 2022

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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