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Graduation Deadlines for 2021/2022

For current students: MA Thesis Graduation Application Deadlines


Graduation October 2022
MA Thesis Application Deadline 2 December 2021
Submission of the MA Thesis* 7 June 2022
Application for the MA Degree 23 September 2022
Gradation Ceremony 14 October 2022
Graduation March 2023
MA Thesis Application Deadline  13 June 2022
Submission of the MA Thesis* 5 December 2022
Application for the MA Degree 24 February 2023
Gradation Ceremony 17 March 2023
Graduation October 2023
MA Thesis Application Deadline 1 December 2022
Submission of the MA Thesis* 5 June 2023
Application for the MA Degree 2 September 2023
Gradation Ceremony 13 October 2023

When do I have to decide on the topic of my Master's thesis?

In the first semester, you certainly don't have to think about your Master's thesis yet. Afterwards you can slowly start thinking about it, but you won't need to decide until the semester before your last semester. Please be aware, that you'll have to announce your thesis at the Dean's Office about 12 months before your graduation celebration. Please refer to the deadlines section.

Can I choose any topic I am interested in?

The decision on a topic is to be made in consultation with the professor who will be your supervisor. In addition to the individual supervision, you will present and discuss a concept and/or a chapter of your thesis in the Master's thesis colloquium. You'll have to visit the Master's thesis colloquium in one of the two last semesters of your studies.

Who can be my supervisor?

All professors of the Institute of Philosophy can be supervisors for your Master's thesis and you can decide on your own, whom you want to ask. It goes without saying, that the professor that you plan to ask, will need expertise in the topic of your Master's thesis. Please be aware that a professor can turn down your request due to time constraints or other reasons. The final decision of the topic is to be made in consultation with the professor that will be your advisor.

When do I have to announce my thesis, and what is the procedure?

You'll have to announce your Master's thesis by submitting the form: "Registration for the Master's thesis" - (see below) to the Dean's Office six months before handing in the Master's thesis and 12 month before your graduation celebration (see deadlines). You'll need the title and supervisor of the thesis when announcing it.

I won't be able to finish my Master's thesis in time, is there anything I can do?

If you want to postpone the deadline of your thesis, please contact your supervisor and hand in the form: "Form for prolongation the delivery of the Master thesis" - (see below). The supervisor has to agree on the extension of the deadline, since he/she will, in that case, have less time to correct it.

I am about to hand in my Master's thesis. What is the procedure?

You'll have to hand in one paper copy to the Dean's Office and one to your supervisor. You can either hand it in during the office hours of the Dean's Office or put it in their mailbox. Please mind the deadlines section.

When handing in the thesis, remember to submit the form "Declaration of the Master's thesis" (see below). This is an assertion that you have written it on your own. It has to be added as the last page of the thesis.

You can either finish your Master's program after the spring semester and get the diploma in October, or finish it after the fall semester and get the diploma in March. For more information about the Master's degree completion, please refer to the Dean's Office website.

Are there any final exams?

No, there are no final exams in the program. Your final grade will be calculated cumulatively. The grades of your courses are weighted according to the number of ECTS points they award. The overall grade is derived by the average of the grades of your courses and the grade of your Master's thesis, the former being counted twice as much as the latter.

When is the deadline to hand in all necessary documents for the Master's degree?

The deadline for the application for the diploma is listed under "Deadlines". See next section for more information.

How do I get my diploma?

You'll have to meet all requirements of the study program (find the document “PLEP Guidelines and Curriculum”), have handed in all papers, all papers must be graded and the grades must be displayed in the KSL in the right place until you can apply for the Master's diploma. Before applying, please contact the study advisor to check on KSL whether you have fulfilled all the requirements and only then may you apply for the diploma and pay the exam fees to the Dean’s office.

Please note: You can apply for SEMP (Erasmus) only once a year. The deadline is March 1st.

For general information, and all information on the current status and changes of the SEMP (Erasmus) program, please see the mobility page of the University of Bern.

If you have specific questions please feel free to contact the study coordinator who is in charge of international mobility at the Department of Philosophy:

Study coordinator responsible for mobility:

Studying at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bern

If you are interested in studying at the Department of Philosophy from a University abroad, or another Swiss university. Please see the `Incoming' page of the University of Bern.