Working in Bern

University Positions

Tutor Positions

Outstanding students may have the opportunity to be a tutor for a Bachelor's course, leading discussions on an introductory course. These positions may offer a small monthly stipend.


Occasionally PLEP jobs become available. If you are interested in placing your name on the list of potential candidates, please send Marcel Twele a copy of your current CV [PDF], work/residence permit (if non-Swiss), and a brief note regarding why you would like to work for the PLEP. Please note: how long you have been in the PLEP and your planned completion date. If a position becomes available, and we believe you are a good fit for the department, we will contact you.

Resources for Job Seekers

The University of Bern Student Union provides a private posting board for student jobs available in Bern. Students can log in with their student account numbers.

Students looking for additional funding possibilities should consult the international office for scholarship information.

General Information

  • Swiss Students should have no problems finding a student job in Bern. The SUB offers an excellent job posting board where students can search for open positions.
  • Students with EU Passports will be issued a Residence B Permit. This permit allows students to work 15 hours per week during the semester.
  • Non- EU students will be issued a Residence Permit which will allow them work work 15 hours per week, after a 6 month period.

Even basic jobs typically require a minimum of conversational German, therefore students are highly encouraged to participate in German courses here at the university.