Democracy: Lotteries vs Elections? Would that do?

Tuesday, 2022/05/10, 18:15

Portrait Annabelle Lever
Prof. Dr. Annabelle Lever

We tend to associate democracy with elections, as a way to select people for positions of power and responsibility: But the ancient Greeks thought elections aristocratic, not democratic, because they enable the same people to be selected repeatedly: By contrast, they believed lotteries to be democratic selection devices because they give everyone an equal chance to be selected, and therefore facilitate alternance amongst office holders. Were the Greeks right?

Event organizer: PLEP
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Annabelle Lever
Date: 2022/05/10
Time: 18:15 - 20:00
Venue: F023
Lerchenweg 36
3012 Bern
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge