About Studying Philosophy

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More than in any other subject, students of philosophy learn how to think analytically and improve their written and oral argumentation skills. In small groups, students can critically engage with current and past philosophical positions. This practice enables them to radically question what is otherwise taken for granted.

The courses offered at the University of Bern encompass a very wide array of topics covering all of the most relevant issues in practical and theoretical philosophy being addressed from both, a historical as well as systematic lens.

Ludwig Wittgenstein vor einer Wandtafel

Methodically, the institute belongs to the analytic philosophy tradition, which spread far beyond the Anglo-American region in the 20th century. However, students are equipped with the essentials necessary to critically engage with the wide variety of other existing philosophical traditions.

Philosophy students at the University of Bern not only appreciate the high quality of teaching but in particular enjoy close supervision, a collegial atmosphere among students and lecturers, as well as the freedom to shape their study plan according to their interest. From an early point onwards, students are given the opportunity to emphasize their main areas of interest.