Study Programs

Bachelor Studies (German only)

The Bachelor of Philosophy provides an introduction to the fundamental terms and questions of philosophy. It is offered as major (120 ECTS) or minor (60 or 30 ECTS). Moreover, the 60-ECTS Minor has the option to choose a specialization in either philosophy of mind or philosophy of science.

Master in Philosophy (German)

The master’s degree in philosophy conveys in-depth knowledge of philosophy and acquaints students with philosophical scholarship. It is offered as major (90 ECTS) or minor (30 ECTS).

Master in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy (PLEP, English)

This master’s degree (Mono, 120 ECTS) offers an interdisciplinary approach to practical-political and social questions and allows students to explore the normative dimensions of state, non-state, and corporate actions.

Master in Philosophy of Science (German)

The master’s degree in Philosophy of Science explores the natural sciences from a philosophical perspective and acquaints students with scientific-philosophical research. It is offered as Major (90 ECTS) or Minor (30 ECTS).