Study Tips

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Suggested Reading

Writing and General Introductions

  • Rosenberg, Jay F. (1995). Philosophy. A Handbook for Beginners. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.
    [Deutsche Übersetzung von Brigitte Flickinger (2009). Philosophieren. Ein Handbuch für Anfänger. Frankfurt a. M.: Klostermann.]
  • Feinberg, Joel (2008). Doing Philosophy. A Guide to the Writing of Philosophy Papers. 4th ed.  Belmont etc.: Thomson Learning.
  • Vaughn, Lewis (2006). Writing Philosophy. A Student’s Guide to Writing Philosophy Essays.  New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy

  • Kymlicka, Will (1990). Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introductio.. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Simmonds, Nigel E. (2008): Central Issues in Jurisprudence. Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Reiss, Julian (2013) Business Ethics, Oxford University Press, Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction, Routledge