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Causality and Causal Reasoning in Physics - Discussions with Mathias Frisch

Freitag, 20.06.2014 - Samstag, 21.06.2014

Datum: 20.06.2014 - 21.06.2014
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Ever since Russell gave his paper "On the notion of cause" in 1913, the role of causality in physics has been hotly debated. Is the concept of causation absent from modern physical theories, as Russell suggested? Don't we need causal notions to account for e.g. radiation asymmetry? And can physical explanations really do without causes? In his forthcoming book "Causal Reasoning in Physics" (Cambridge University Press), Mathias Frisch makes a strong case for the anti-Russellian claim that causal notions and causal inferences figure prominently in physics. The aim of this workshop is to discuss his ideas and related topics.

Time and Venue

Friday & Saturday, June 20-21, 2014
University of Berne (Switzerland)
UniTobler, Lerchenweg 36, Room F007


Michael Esfeld (Lausanne)
"Causation in Fundamental Physics“

Wolfgang Pietsch (Munich)
"Is the Radiation Asymmetry of Causal Nature?"

Mathias Frisch (Maryland)
"Causal Reasoning in Physics"

Tilman Sauer (Bern)
"BICEP2 and Causality"

Alexander Reutlinger (Munich)
"Non-causal Reasoning in Physics: Explanation beyond Causation"

Laura Felline (Leuven)
"Explanation and Causality in Fundamental Physics: Mechanisms and the Bottoming-out Problem"

Matthias Egg (Lausanne)
"Explanation without Causation in Quantum Mechanics?"

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