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On civil liberty and fundamental rights: a neo-Roman approach

Mittwoch, 13.11.2019, 18:15 Uhr

Quentin Skinner

Quentin Skinner is a British intellectual historian and is regarded as one of the founders of the Cambridge School of the history of political thought. Currently he holds the position of the Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities and Co-director of The Centre for the Study of the History of Political Thought at Queen Mary University of London. Skinner has published extensively on questions about historical method and historical explanation (cf. Meaning and Context: Quentin Skinner and his Critics,1988; Regarding Method, 2001) as well as issues in contemporary political theory, including the concept of political liberty and the character of the State. His best-known work, The Foundations of Modern Political Thought, attempts to span the whole early-modern period.

Veranstaltende: Institut für Philosophie
Redner, Rednerin: Quentin Skinner (Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities at Queen Mary University of London)
Datum: 13.11.2019
Uhrzeit: 18:15 - 20:00 Uhr
Ort: Raum F 022
Lerchenweg 36
3012 Bern
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