Dr. Ivan Gonzalez-Cabrera

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (SNSF)

Project: “Explaining Human Nature: Empirical and Ideological Dimensions”

Unitobler, B207
Postal Address
University of Bern
Institute of Philosophy
Länggassstrasse 49a
3012 Bern
private website

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection between psychology, human evolution, and philosophy. Most of work focuses on theoretical and empirical issues about cooperation, normative cognition, and disagreement, with a secondary interest in practical and instrumental rationality. At Prof. Hufendiek’s SNSF project, I investigate the ideological assumptions of evolutionary explanations of morality and how to test them.

Areas of Specialization: Cognitive anthropology, Philosophy of Biology, Moral Psychology
Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Metaethics