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Master in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy (PLEP)

Study regulation PLEP

The study regulation PLEP is in effect from 1. August 2013 on. Full text of the PLEP regulation


Overview on the changes in the study regulation. > PPP
Please contact the admissions office directly, if you want to switch over. > ZIB

Upcoming lectures, workshops and activities
20.06.2015 Hinterfragt - The Ethik-Podcast: New episode with William E. Scheuerman: "Whistleblowing"
07.10.2015 "Der Politik die guten Gründe beibringen." An article over Prof. Dr. Anna Goppel.
10.12.2015 PLEP TALK: Prof. Dr. Bernd Ladwig (Free University of Berlin): "Animal Rights - Politicised, but not Humanised"
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"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles." (Jean Jacques Rousseau)